Do I have access to DOB and SSN information?

Depending on the product you are using, Endato Search and API can return results for an individuals date of birth as well as partial social securit number information, usually displayed as the last 4 digits. Date of birth information can be accessed through search procuts available to users in all Endato account tiers. However, partial […]

What is API?

An API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically, an API is a program that allows two or more systems to communicate with and transmit data between each other. APIs bridge the gap between different applications to allow you to quickly integrate different features into your interface without needing to re-design your infrastructure. With API, your […]

How can I see my search history?

After logging in to your Endato Search dashboard (differnt from your Endato API dashboard), navigate to the tool bar on the left side of the screen if using a computer, or click on the three horizontal lines icon located in the top right of your screen if using on a mobile device.  Once you’ve located/opened […]

What is the $10 credit on my invoice?

When you first create your account, $10 is charged to the payment method you initially entered in to make sure the information submitted was legitimate. This $10 charge will be refunded to your account, giving you $10 of credit for your account.  This $10 credit will appear on your invoice and will be available to […]

Why did I hit my search limit If I use my limit, what do I do to raise it?

Search limits are determined by the tier your account is in. Three separate tiers are available for Endato users, giving access to higher search limits and sometimes access to more products. With each tier your account is upgraded to, the higher your monthly search limits will be.   The first tier is the “Free Tier”, this […]

Why are the results from API different than the manual search results?

API and manual search are two separate services both provided by Endato.  Manual searching works by manually entering in information about an individual, asset, property, business, or license and then receiving a result based on your search query. This works best for acquiring targeted and specific data, usually in smaller search batches.  API functionality differs […]