Why are the results from API different than the manual search results?

endato help center

API and manual search are two separate services both provided by Endato. 

Manual searching works by manually entering in information about an individual, asset, property, business, or license and then receiving a result based on your search query. This works best for acquiring targeted and specific data, usually in smaller search batches. 

API functionality differs from manual search in that the user can provide others who search with instant access to Endato’s worldwide database. An API is a program that frontend users can use to access a directory of information for conducting searches, autofills, and more. Unlike with manual search, an API is a program that can be coded into your own site for visiting users to access. API programs can also be accessed through your Endato dashboard for you to make sure your using the right product.

Information returned from running a search through an API will be the same information returned from a manual search, the difference between the two is in the process of how the information is gathered and returned to the user.