Endato, as a solution powered by Enformion’s groundbreaking database, is elated to announce Enformion’s recent achievment as the recipient of the esteemed 2023 MarTech Breakthrough Award in the category of “Best Contact Database Solution.” This remarkable achievement underscores Endato’s dedication to revolutionizing the realm of data intelligence and analytics. Reaching this milestone is not only a testament to Enformion’s dedication but also a pivotal moment in Endato’s journey to revolutionize the landscape of data intelligence and analytics.

The MarTech Breakthrough program commends outstanding innovation within the expansive landscape of marketing, advertising, and sales technology. Enformion’s unparalleled accomplishments in crafting advanced products, services, and solutions have secured its rightful place as a trailblazing leader in the industry.

Fueled by Enformion’s top-tier platform, Endato harnesses the might of a vast repository spanning more than 40+ years of historical data, housing an astounding 120+ billion records, and seamlessly accessing 6,000 diverse data sources. This comprehensive resource is the driving force behind how Endato offers unparalleled speed and precision in locating crucial information. With a firm grasp on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to transformation, Endato hopes to redefine the boundaries of data intelligence and analytics for years to come. 

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