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Instant Self-Serve Batch Appends

Want to do a bulk append? We make it easy. Simply upload your list, select your requested data, preview the cost, pay, and get your file. That's it!

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Get started today and update your lead list with fresh contact info!

3 Easy Steps

In just 3 simple steps, Endato Batch can receive, parse, append and export!

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Upload Your List

Upload your existing list to quickly add new phone numbers, email address and more. We accept all common files, such as .txt, .text, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, and .zip.

Cost Estimate

Once your file is imported, we will allow different append options with associated pricing. You select only the data you are looking for, as well as see the estimated cost based on a real sampling from your uploaded file.

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endato batch select fields

Identify Fields

We will auto-map your import fields to ours and show you live sample data from your file. Easily change the settings as needed to make sure it's properly setup and ready to be appended to.

And That's It!

With that you will be given a final estimate, you confirm the order and wait for your appended file to be completed (usually within minutes!)