Fraud Prevention

Strengthen your fraud prevention efforts with search and API tools designed to obtain verified personal information. You don’t need to second guess your data with accurate and detailed fraud prevention reports.

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Enhance Your Fraud Prevention

Take advantage of comprehensive search and API tools to verify personal information and prevent fraudulent activity.
Contact ID
Person Search
Identity Verification

Products For Fraud Prevention

Examples of ways customers have used Endato for fraud prevention


Check for updates on any previous matched contact

Identity Verification

Instantly verify someone’s identity and fill-in missing details

Person Search

Performs a person search, and returns a list of people matching the search criteria


Property Search

Performs a criteria search, and returns a list of matching Assessor and Recorder records

Related Data Fields

Commonly used data fields for fraud prevention

addresses, age, contacts, email, gender, identity score, license records, name, partial DOB, phone, workplace