What is API?

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An API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically, an API is a program that allows two or more systems to communicate with and transmit data between each other.

APIs bridge the gap between different applications to allow you to quickly integrate different features into your interface without needing to re-design your infrastructure. With API, your business can instantly access data and gain more flexibility of use. Your web developers can customize your current software to better meet your own needs and the needs of your customers — all with minimal effort.

PIs work as a translator between a customer-facing user interface and the server it’s reaching out to. Essentially, APIs are responsible for data reaching users. For example, someone using a mobile application will encounter a user interface, with options to type and share a message with other users. While the user will be able to find the text box, type, and subsequently click on the “share” button, a server will need to interpret this same data in a format that functions for this specific application. In short, the API takes care of everything on the backend of a user-friendly interface, making complicated tasks easy.