Market Research

Conduct in-depth and highly informative market research to pinpoint consumer trends and target audience data. Don’t launch your next campaign without doing the proper research to maximize your marketing success.

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Market With Confidence

Perform detailed market research to strengthen the accuracy and success of your campaign.
People Search
Business Search
Contact Enrichment

Products For Market Research

Examples of ways Marketers have used Endato to better target their audiences and more


Business Search

Performs a criteria search, and returns a list of matching businesses

Contact Enrichment

Enrich your contacts with additional contact info


Domain Search

Performs a domain search, and returns a list of domains matching the search criteria

Person Search

Performs a person search, and returns a list of people matching the search criteria

Related Data Fields

Commonly used data fields for market research products

addresses, age, contacts, email, gender, identity score, license records, name, partial DOB, phone, workplace