Know Your Customer API

Access useful information about your customers and how to better understand their role in your target audience. Develop a deeper understanding of your customer base by using search and API tools to gather comprehensive data reports.

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Understand Your Customer Base

Using customer data, you can identify key trends and behaviors to better understand your audience as a whole.
Business Search
Domain Search
Workplace Search

Products for understanding your customers

Examples of ways Marketers have used Endato to better target their audiences and more


Contact Enrichment

Enrich your contacts with additional contact info


Email ID

Find someone’s name and contact info just from an email


Person Search

Performs a person search, and returns a list of people matching the search criteria


Property Search

Performs a criteria search, and returns a list of matching Assessor and Recorder records

Related Data Fields

Commonly used data fields for business search products

addresses, age, contacts, email, gender, identity score, license records, name, partial DOB, phone, workplace