Why did I hit my search limit If I use my limit, what do I do to raise it?

endato help center

Search limits are determined by the tier your account is in. Three separate tiers are available for Endato users, giving access to higher search limits and sometimes access to more products. With each tier your account is upgraded to, the higher your monthly search limits will be.  

The first tier is the “Free Tier”, this give users the lowest search limits. If you’ve reached your search limit in the free tier, then your two choices are to wait until a new month to reset your monthly limit, or to upgrade your account to the next tier. 

The second tier, known as the “Starter Tier”, gives users access to higher monthly searches for all Endato products. Accounts upgraded to the final “Pro Tier” have access to unlimited monthly searches with no cap on your search rate, as well as access to all Endato data endpoints.

If you’ve reached your rate limit, this is because you have used your monthly maximum searches allowed for the tier that your account is in. Search limits do reset each month, the only way to raise the limit for you account is to upgrade your account to the next tier.