Do I have access to DOB and SSN information?

endato help center

Depending on the product you are using, Endato Search and API can return results for an individuals date of birth as well as partial social securit number information, usually displayed as the last 4 digits.

Date of birth information can be accessed through search procuts available to users in all Endato account tiers. However, partial SSN information is only available to users with a Pro tier account or with a custom account package that gives you access to Pro tier endpoints. Users that attempt to retrieve SSN information also need to have special access turned on for their accounts to see this data.  

Users can access date of birth information through the following endpoints:
Census Search
All Criminal Records
Arrest Records
Criminal Records
Hunting and Fishing Licenses
National Warrants
Neighborhood Profile
Sex Offender Records
Traffic Records
Birth Records
Death Records
Criminal Profile
Person Search
Business Search
Identity Verification