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  "FirstName": "John",
  "LastName": "Smith",
  "Address": {
    "addressLine1":"1234 Main Street",
    "addressLine2":"Los Angeles, CA"


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An example of Endato’s API showcasing information on John Mitchell Smith

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300+ Million Unique People

Primary and Alias Names, Phone Number, Email, Address History, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors

210 Million Business Records

Employees (Current and Historical), Corporate Registrations, known Fictitious Business Names, FEIN Records, UCC Filings

163 Million Properties

Business & Residential Addresses, Property Records & Info, Assessor Records, Current Owner and Residents, Property Value

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990 Million Court Records

OFAC, Warrants, Arrests, Judgments, Evictions, Liens, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Traffic Violations, Sex Offenders

83 Million Licenses

Professional, DEA, FAA, Hunting & Fishing, including name, address, state, issue & exp date, business demographics

100 Million Asset Records

Vehicle / Auto Registrations, Aircraft & Watercraft Ownership, Website Domain Ownership, Property Assets

The Endato Difference

We strive to be the leader in Contact Enrichment by providing better matches, with better data, with the best pricing.

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Pricing No Risk usage for new customers with 100 free matches a month, no setup or monthly fees, and no annual contract or minimums. Heavy Contracts can slow onboarding for new customers with complicated pricing, high minimums, and long commitments.
Onboarding No Coding Necessary for easy first-time set up and long term use. Coding Required for using and setting up API products.
Data Quality Deep Data is our biggest strength with 120+ billion records, over 6,000 datasources, and daily refreshed data. Limited Data is a common issue with other data providers, lowering customers confidence and capabilities.
Batch Append Access to Batch Append tools to help you to optimize your data in bulk without sacrificing time or quality of data. Little to No Bulk capabilities leave you with fewer options to analyze larger sets of customer data.
Linkage / Relationship Accurate Data Linking between multiple information sources, connecting business, property, and personal data to one another. Less Linking between data sources and less contact data assigned to businesses, people, and property.

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