Where can I find API JSON examples?

Our API products are covered in detail on the Endato.com website. By going to endato.com/developer-apis and selecting the API product you’d like to see the JSON code for. Each product page will display examples for both the request and response codes. Here’s an example for finding the API JSON example for contact enrichment: First, go […]

What is data enrichment?

In simplest terms, data enrichment is when you take your existing data on customers, then utilize a third-party resource to add more data to it. For example, if you currently only have names and phone numbers, you may be able to use a third-party resource to find out an address history. This can be beneficial for […]

How do I view my cost per match or hit?

To view a breakdown of your API key’s cost per match you first need to login to your account and view your dashboard. From there, click on the “Keys” tab in the left-side menu, and your keys page should open. Scroll down to the Pricing section and there you will find a list of all […]