How We Charge

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Endato has two types of accounts, free and paid. See details for both below.

Free Trial Accounts

If you have a free trial with us, we let you run a limited number of searches at no charge.

Paid Accounts

For Paid accounts (or users self-upgrading to paid), see below how we charge.

API’s (

  • For a majority of our endpoints, we charge on a per “hit” or “match” rate
    • So you only get charged if we find a successful match
    • If not, you are not charged anything
  • For some endpoints like our Criminal, Address Autocomplete, we charge per request
  • Searches are charged per search and per report.
  • The prices are detailed on the Search Application and you are shown the cost per search before you run it

When We Charge

We will charge your card on file at the end of the month for all product usage (Endato API, Endato Search, etc)


Usage / Invoices

For API customers, log into your API Dashboard to see current usage.

And for past invoices, payment methods, and even adding users and their access levels, go to your Customer Admin


What is the $10 credit on my invoice?

When you first create your account, $10 is charged to the payment method you initially entered in to make sure the information submitted was legitimate. This $10 charge will be refunded to your account, giving you $10 of credit for your account. 

This $10 credit will appear on your invoice and will be available to use for any service on Endato once you see the credit in your account.