Businesses today rely heavily on customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage their customer data. A CRM system can store a vast amount of customer information, including contact details, demographics, purchase history, and more. However, not all customer data is accurate or up-to-date, and this can hurt your sales and marketing efforts. That’s where CRM contact enrichment can help.

CRM contact enrichment is the process of adding or updating customer information in a CRM system to improve its accuracy and completeness. It involves enhancing the existing data with additional information from various sources, such as public records, social media profiles, and third-party databases. The goal is to have a more comprehensive view of your customers, which can help you make informed business decisions and improve your customer engagement.

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Keeping customer data accurate and up-to-date is vital to your company’s ability to communicate with customers effectively. Here are a few of the ways your company could benefit from using contact enrichment to improve your CRM:

  • Better Customer Segmentation: By enriching your CRM data, you can segment your customers based on their demographics, behavior, interests, and more. This can help you personalize your marketing campaigns and target the right customers with the right message.

  • Improved Lead Scoring: CRM contact enrichment can help you score your leads more accurately. By adding more data points to your CRM system, you can identify the most qualified leads and prioritize them for follow-up.
  • Increased Sales Productivity: With accurate and up-to-date customer data, your sales team can spend more time selling and less time verifying customer information. This can increase their productivity and help them close more deals.

  • Better Customer Service: Enriching your CRM data can help you understand your customers’ needs and preferences better. This can enable you to provide more personalized and proactive customer service, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Let’s say your B2B company wants to launch a new marketing campaign to promote its latest product. By using CRM contact enrichment, your company can segment its customer data based on the industry, company size, and job title. This enables you to create targeted messaging and reach out to the most relevant customers.

If an e-commerce company wants to improve its customer retention rate, then they can use CRM contact enrichment to identify its high-value customers and personalize marketing messages based on their purchase history, browsing behavior, and preferences. This can help the company build stronger relationships with its customers and increase customer loyalty.

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date CRM data is a common use for Endato API, here are some popular contact enrichment products that can help you improve your customer data:



Find someone’s name and contact info just from an address



Find someone’s name and contact info just from a number


Contact Enrichment

Enrich your contacts with additional contact info


Email ID

Find someone’s name and contact info just from an email

Maintaining clean and accurate CRM contact data is critical for the success of any business. Perform regular data cleansing to remove duplicates, incorrect, and outdated data from your CRM system. You can use data cleansing tools or outsource the task to a third-party provider. This practice ensures that your CRM system only contains relevant and accurate data.

Verify your customer data regularly to ensure that it’s accurate and up-to-date. You can use data verification tools to check the validity of email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses. Verifying data regularly helps you maintain accurate customer information and avoid communication errors.

Standardize your customer data to ensure that it’s consistent and easy to analyze. Use consistent formats for names, addresses, phone numbers, and other customer information. Standardizing your data can help you analyze customer information more easily and effectively.

Implement automated data updates to ensure that your CRM contact data is always up-to-date. You can use integration tools to sync your CRM system with other data sources, such as your website or email marketing platform. Automated data updates save time and reduce the risk of manual errors.

Contact enrichment plays a crucial role in improving the accuracy and completeness of customer information in a CRM system. It enables businesses to make informed decisions, personalize marketing campaigns, prioritize leads, and improve customer engagement. Check out our contact enrichment API products at  

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