What is included in my membership?

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Starter Plan

Every Endato membership begins as a free starter plan which gives users basic features and restrictions to more advanced products. Products featured in the starter plan include APIs for ID verification, email ID, contact ID, called ID, address ID, and address autocomplete. The search products available for the starter plans are people search, monitoring, phone search, ID verification search, email search, bankruptcy dockets, divorce & marriage search, and census data search. All other products available on Endato are exclusive to premium memberships.


The starter plan has no setup, monthly, or account fees, as well as pay-per-match, and only-pay usage to ensure that no money spent is going to waste. Use the products mentioned above and only pay for the data you record.


Premium Membership

Endato’s premium membership includes everything from the starter plan as well access to premium data, unlimited rate limits, and volume discount pricing. Premium search products include criminal records, contact enrichment, premium profile searching, property search, sex offender records, reverse phone search, and workplace records, among dozens of other comprehensive search products.


Premium members gain access to every product available on Endato. If you have a premium membership and are unable to access a particular product, please contact customer service.